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Whether your best solution is local, cloud-based or a hybrid of these options, your company’s customized access portal is your secure gateway for your users and vendors (see an example here). Employees and staff can securely access their designated apps and desktops by using their well-known username and password from any browser on most any platform. Once logged in and authenticated to the network, users can access all of their programs, corporate and personal data, email and applications. And depending upon your company’s wants and needs, user’s local drives and data can also be integrated into your CITC Desktop environment.


Access to your applications and data is through a secure internet connection (https). No complicated VPNs are required for your secure connectivity, reducing the need for expert staff or third-party hardware or software.


Security in the CITC cloud is built on Microsoft’s Active Directory infrastructure. This familiar and robust environment allows you to integrate and/or migrate your existing AD services and continues the management tools your existing IT support already knows and understands.  If you do not have an existing Active Directory or IT support, CITC will build one for you as part of your custom platform, giving you all of the benefits of this secured infrastructure.  In the CITC environment we establish structured data security giving employees, staff and vendors access only to the files, folders, applications and servers they need based on the rights you’ve assigned them.


If your plans include migration to a cloud provider, ComputeInTheCloud has multiple ways to assist. Whether you have one gigabyte of data, or terabytes, the transfer is simple. Depending upon how much data you have you can upload directly to your CITC Cloud Storage or for a nominal fee CITC delivers an external USB drive to you, onto which you load your data, and return it to us. We then load the data into your storage services for your availability.


CITC offers your services on a per-user/per-month basis. No capital investment costs, long-term contracts or minimum user fees to bog down your growth potential. If you have 10 employees, and only 9 employees log in that month, then you pay only for those 9 users. Each month you will receive a report on who logged in from what machines so you can audit your usage and costs. All Microsoft applications are on a per-user/per-month basis including all Microsoft office and LOB applications from Word to Visual Studio, Access to Great Plains. The ease of management of applications is greatly simplified when the applications exist in one place and made securely available to multiple users. Almost any existing third-party Line of Business application (for example, QuickBooks), can be added to your CITC Desktops. Sharepoint can also be added and customized as needed.


CITC hosts all your applications and data. Your applications are delivered through the Internet and run within CITC’s Desktop environment, and perform as if they were local. The benefits included greater security, improved reliability of applications and tremendous mobile access—anywhere there’s an Internet connection. The CITC environment is as efficient a remote interface as exists today with negligible screen-refresh latency. You work as if you were on your local machine. Users from remote locations can operate together and share files and data together, just like in a local network environment.

As long as you have an internet connection, you can connect to your environment. For example, if an unforeseen interruption breaks your office internet connection, any internet connection will have you back in business. You data is always safe and always available.


In almost all cases CITC can migrate your third party application into your secure desktop environment using your existing licensing.


Your CITC CloudActive Desktop maintains the familiar Windows interface you are comfortable with. All that is needed is a browser or the built-in remote desktop client on any number of desktop, tablet or mobile devices. Mac users are very well supported using the free Microsoft Remote Desktop Client for iOS. This powerful interface brings you all the benefits of a Windows desktop without the heavy burden of parallel software. We also have a solution for the dreaded Metro GUI so often disliked on the modern Windows desktop and can replace it with the Windows 7 desktop you are most familiar with, if you so choose.


A central physical office location with 15 employees carries high costs in terms of office space and commuting. Now you can eliminate or reduce your office space, and still maintain the desktop environment your users are comfortable with. Employees can work from anywhere, at any time, wherever they have internet access. Any computer with Internet access can access all of your applications and data, so you can centralize multiple offices without the need for expensive WAN connections or VPNs on the maintenance and support of local servers.

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