Anywhere Access

CITC’s CloudActive Services

Ubiquitous, secure, predictable anywhere access to your applications and data is why ComputeInTheCloud exists and is why ComputeInTheCloud places your cloud desktop environment on the web’s foremost infrastructure.

What differentiates CITC is the experience we have in designing and managing the hosting environment and that is what we bring to our customers. After years of maintaining our own hardware and infrastructure, the market forces propelling the hosting community demanded a new look at this isolated approach. The continuing costs of maintaining hardware and infrastructure is as germane to us as it is to our customers. The companies who built the backbone of the Internet will always be better suited to maintain that hardware and infrastructure.

Accessible, Reliable, Safe, Predictable

Accessible means you can use any platform, be it PC, Mac, Android, iOS, etc., from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Nowadays, that’s pretty much everywhere. And your cloud desktop takes surprisingly little bandwidth in order to work like lightning.

Reliable means secure, ubiquitous access to a consistently performing desktop or applications set or email system from anywhere at any time from any device.

Safe means your applications, data and communications are secured and made available only to those you deem necessary to access them, be it your principals, employees or outside contractors. An environment can be crafted to suit the precise needs of your company with a myriad of secure access options you can add or remove at your discretion.

Predictable means ubiquitous and consistent access and performance of your applications, data and communications without the guesswork of costs. Simple pricing models make understanding your computing costs predictable and consistent.