About ComputeInTheCloud

ComputeInTheCloud has evolved from the need to simplify computer networks for our earliest customers to network security and cloud computing as our base-line service.

Network security has become an important focus considering the state of threats and obligations all businesses and individuals must cope with today.

ComputeInTheCloud offers multiple levels of support for small and mid-size organizations using a highly refined set of tools for desktop, server, cloud, email and edge security. These tools provide excellent control and deployment capabilities to simplify management and reporting in HIPAA, SOX and other typical secure business environments. New tools are ever evolving to enhance desktop security, remote computing, email security and intrusion prevention and detection. We partner with a very select group of providers who have shown for years they have the ability to respond and evolve themselves and which provide stable and effective products. Products we rely on and which you can too.

Our Providers:

Trend Micro:
Trend Micro has been our established desktop and server anti-malware provider since anti-virus software was offered. Their small footprint and extensive security profiles and excellent management and deployment interfaces are very clean and concise and their record of detection and protection is unmatched in the industry. Trend Micro continues to evolve their products and has been a leader in threat detection and avoidance world-wide.


ZyXEL is a manufacturer of home, business and service provider hardware and has been providing services in the US for almost two decades. With an excellent reputation for service, ZyXEL continues to grow and evolve and has an extensive cloud-based management interface for their business products keeping management alert to problems and outages that must be addressed. Excellent reporting is also an important resource for customers and this is well defined in ZyXEL’s offerings. With ZyXEL’s managed firewalls, switches and access points every business can afford enterprise grade services at small business rates with no compromise.

Our experience with ZyXEL has been one of incredible stability. In over 15 years of deployment we have not seen one device fail. That is a remarkable record.

Our history:

We started humbly. In the 1990s, we helped our first client set up and run a small Windows Workgroup network. Novell was the primary computer networking provider at that time and we learned and managed those early environments. Our client’s increasing needs for branch office connectivity in the early 2000s, when the Internet was new and DSL was in its infancy and a 256 Kb/s frame relay circuit or an ISDN line were the only affordable options, we were pioneers in the new Terminal Services offerings by Microsoft and Citrix. We have grown right along with these platforms and have been at the forefront of how to maximize them for the benefit of our customers since their very beginnings. Responding to the needs of our customers led us to our first cloud infrastructure in 2007 when we began hosting customer applications in our data center. With the emergence of AWS, Google and Azure we embraced their capabilities and integrated with them for our customers. We put our customers in the cloud before there was a ‘cloud’.

With this accumulated knowledge and experience we want you to feel confident ComputeInTheCloud is the right choice for securing and managing your computing and business environments or taking your computing environment and company to the cloud.

Our service list:

Managed IT Services
Network Security
Desktop Security
Managed Security Services
Hybrid Cloud Solutions
Remote Computing
Data Backup and Retrieval/Disaster Recovery
Desktop Computer Support
IT Consulting Services
Win7 End Of Life Solutions

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